Financial Modeling and Valuations
(Investment Banking)

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Financial Modeling and Valuations

Guaranteed Internship

An 8 weeks comprehensive course which will help you master the FMVA along with a guaranteed internship!

Course Fee: ₹5,999/- (inclusive of everything)

Course Highlights

  • Complete course on FMVA.
  • Also includes free basic to advanced Excel course along with practice questions.
  • Includes how to make financial models, financial statements, valuations methods including MnA, DCF etc
  • A comprehensive 40 hours+ course making you ready for Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Equity Research etc
  • Videos library, practice questions, e-notes, WhatsApp group for doubts, live project, webinar for doubts bi-weekly.

Course Benefits

  • Helps a lot in making a career in finance fields.
  • Complete course helps in own investment analysis.
  • Better corporate finance knowledge.
  • Improved resume.
  • Get better job opportunities in future.
  • Internship consisting of two live projects after the course makes you job ready.

Course Stand-Outs

  • Instructor – Associate at Goldman Sachs
  • Fees – Less than 1/4th of the price charged by others.
  • Internship – Going beyond the course, giving practical exposure.
  • Free Basic to Advanced Excel Course.
  • Two mentors throughout in touch with you 24×7.

Who is it for?

  • Students
  • Job-Seekers
  • Beginners
  • Traders & Investors
  • Interested in finance
  • Introductory Video
  • Preparation of financial statements right from the scratch.
  • Individual videos to compute financial statement components.
  • Preparation of Financial Models
  • Ratios from Models
  • Sector specific models
  • Various valuation techniques including DCF, DDM, relative valuation etc.
  • EIC analysis including CAPM and APT
  • M&A, NAV, LBO.
  • Two case studies will be assigned to you once you complete the course.
  • This will be for the practical assistance after which two certificates will be assigned too.
  • These live projects will be very helpful in the interviews.
  • Free resume template
  • Video on how to make a resume.
  • PDF consisting of 100+ corporate finance questions asked in the interview.
  • A video for the questions.


The course fee is ₹7,000/- but we’re giving a limited time 15% discount effectively making the course fee ₹5,999/-

The duration is 2 months, however you’ll get a lifetime access.

We will have bi-weekly webinars on weekends where the instructor will take live doubts.

Yes, it will. Basic to advanced Excel along with practice assignments will be covered.

Yes, you’ll get a one month unpaid, work from home guaranteed investment banking internship with us (FinLadder) for which you’ll get a certificate as well.

Getting a job depends upon a lot of other factors but this will be one of the best courses to take if you’re looking for a job.

As all the videos, question series, notes, demo reports etc are already uploaded on the website, it becomes a self-paced course which can be accessed anytime and as many times as you want.

Just click on the enrollment link, get done with it and share the payment screenshot at the mentioned number along with your name. You will be given the access then and also be added to the group.

In a nutshell, they highly overcharge. We have a policy of providing way better courses at a price at least 1/4th of the market. Spend your or your parents money wisely.

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An 8 weeks comprehensive course which will help you master the FMVA.

Available for ₹5,999/- with a limited 15% discount